Club Accreditation

Badminton England has a club accreditation process for all affiliated member clubs called Club Future.

Club Future is about making a difference to clubs regardless of their size, and it has a vision to:

Badminton England have created two forms of accreditation, one for junior clubs or clubs
with junior sections, this is called ‘Premier Club’, and one for adult only clubs, ‘Foundation Club’.
Club Future is also part of Clubmark, a Sport England initiative which is a cross-sport quality
accreditation for junior clubs or clubs with junior sections. Premier Club is Badminton England’s Clubmark standard.
To encourage and assist clubs with the accreditation process the Isle of Man Badminton
Association has created its own benefits package for local clubs on the Island.

If any clubs would like to apply for accreditation or would like to know any further about the process
please contact Badminton Development Officer, Kerry Quayle on or call 01624 651572.

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