Junior Squads

Squad Selection, Fees and Player Details Player Selection

Players are invited to join the various squads based on their current ability, potential and age. If a player does not show sufficient commitment, improvement and good sportsmanship, they will not be invited back to the next session.

All squad members must be registered members and in regular attendance at an Isle of Man Affiliated Club. All squad members must enter at least 2 championship events – their own age group and one higher.

In accepting an invitation to join a squad, a player (and their parents / guardian) accepts the condition and code of conducts set out in this hand book.

Squad Fees

The season is split into two sessions, fees are payable for each session. Squad fees are set at the start of each season and notified to successful squad members. Fees must be paid within two months of the start of each session. Failure to do so may result in the squad place being withdrawn and this may also jeopardise selection for UK trips.

Player Details and Communication

All parents and squad members should supply an e-mail address which will be used for letters, invitations, forms etc. Should anybody not have an e-mail address we will still send mail by post.

A photograph to be attached to the medical form at the beginning of the season .This will enable us to speed up the booking process for children who are selected for trips to the U.K. All squad members must confirm that they are available for UK trips on the appropriate form. (It is expected that squad members are able to represent the Isle of Man in matches on the island and in the UK, if chosen)

For the IOMBA squad selection criteria please click here

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