Level 2

1st4sport UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Badminton

The Level 2 Course enables the coach to coach independently and enables them to plan a series of linked coaching sessions. There will be a significant focus on the ‘how to’ skills of coaching that were introduced at Level 1. There is a greater focus on tactical coaching as well as technical coaching. There will be a greater understanding of the physical and psychological demands of Badminton and how this impacts on coaching.

Who is it designed for?

The 1st4sport UKCC Level 2 Badminton is suitable for those who have already gained some experience of coaching whilst working as a Level 1 Assistant Coach. Coaches working towards their Level 2 qualification should be committed to their own development as a coach and should be able to demonstrate this through extended off course study.

What does the Level 2 certificate qualify me to do?

The Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Badminton will qualify the successful candidate to coach independently and to:

Understand and adapt to the needs of the participants
Plan sessions suitable to participants needs
Evaluate players technically and tactically
Work with players to set appropriate goals
Be able to carry out the necessary health and safety checks for venues and players
Demonstrate a variety of communication techniques
Prepare candidates appropriately for coaching sessions
Understand your roles and responsibilities as a coach
Demonstrate you understand key elements relating to the protection of children and vulnerable adults, are able to deal with injuries should they occur and coach in an equitable manner
Be able to manage players effectively
Understand the factors that affect performance and how to plan sessions to develop these

What are the requirements to attend the course?

Candidates are required to:

Be at least 18 years of age on the first day of the course
Hold a Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Badminton or equivalent
If you would like any further information on the Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Badminton visit http://www.badmintonengland.co.uk/text.asp?section=561&sectionTitle=Level+2+Certificate+in+Coaching+Badminton

Or contact Badminton Development Officer kerry.quayle@gov.im or call 01624 651572

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