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U17 Tournament

We are very pleased to advise that we have secured Bemahague Sports Hall to enable the U17 tournament to continue on the original date planned (30th Jan 2016).

Some important notices about this event:

  • This is a smaller venue than we would normally offer at the NSC and we only have 4 courts guaranteed from 12pm-5pm.
  • As a result of the reduced court numbers and hours we will be running with a much simpler format – 1 game – straight knockout. We may be able to offer best of 3 for the finals but this will be decided upon the day. We certainly will not enjoy the luxury of being able to take our time on the day!
  • Please ensure that all forms should be posted to me ASAP as per the instructions on the paperwork and not handed back to anyone else. Closing date 20th January 2016.
  • I regularly see partially completed forms without dates of birth or contact details. The date of birth is important so that I can validate that each player is eligible to enter the particular age group event and contact details are important both in the organising stage as well as on the day.
  • Parents and players should read the Tournament Rules page of the competition details as there is important information contained within it.
  • There are no catering or drinks facilities at Bemahague so players must come with sufficient supplies on the day
  • Due to the restricted court space, there is also going to be limited viewing/spectator capacity for parents/family/friends.
  • Parents and players should regularly check this website and Facebook as these are where updates or amendments to tournament information will be posted

Integrated Capabilities U17 Tournament Entry info and form


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