The junior singles leagues are held on Saturday evenings at the National Sports Centre from November to March and are a great opportunity to improve your singles game with lots of matches against different players!

The leagues run in 3 week rounds. You’ll play everyone in your league in each round and the leagues will be adjusted at the conclusion of each round with the top 2 moving up and the bottom 2 players moving down.

Matches are played as best of 3 games to 15 points and you’ll usually play 2 matches each week.

The time slot we have is from 5-7pm, however, once you have finished your matches you are free to leave, but please make sure you have given in your scores and checked there are no additional matches you need to play.

League dates and times for 2024 are as follows:

Round 4: 10th February, 17th February, 24th February, all 5-7pm;

Round 5: 9th March, 16th March, 23rd March, all 5-7pm.



SERIES 4 FIXTURES – February 17th 2024 – 5-7pm

League 1:

Edward Cheung John Long
Lok yien Cheung Edward Cheung
Oliver Cassidy Charlie Albiston
Jet Woon Lok yien Cheung
Charlie Albiston Jet Woon
John Long Oliver Cassidy
John Long Jet Woon


League 2:

Thomas Clague Aaron Crellin
Jasper Corlett Thomas Clague
Peter Quayle Sophie Clague
Aaron Crellin Peter Quayle
Wai Cheung Jasper Corlett


League 3:

Zane Quinn Erin Corlett
Aswanth Prabhu Lara Stewart
Adiyta Varshney Zane Quinn
Erin Corlett Adiyta Varshney


League 4:

Aidan Stonehouse Xara Quinn
Evan Cooke Xara Quinn
Aidan Stonehouse Heilok Tang
Heilok Tang Evan Cooke

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