Tournament Rules

Entries must be made on the official form and must be received by the Tournament Secretary with payment for entry
fees by the stated closing date . Requests to enter additional events on the day of the tournament may not be

Please ensure that all entry forms are completed fully and clearly with appropriate contact details in case of significant
change to event details. Illegible or incomplete entries may be rejected.

BOTH doubles partners MUST submit an entry form with payment . The secretary does not have the capacity to chase outstanding partner entries. Please make every effort to secure partners yourself prior to submitting an entry form and en- sure that your named partner has agreed to enter with you.

Isle of Man Badminton Association will not be liable for any expense incurred as a result of this event being cancelled or
postponed. All expenses are at the sole risk of the competitor.

Should you need to withdraw, you must contact the tournament secretary by phone or email and confirm it in
writing along with an application for a refund without any delay. Competitors prevented from playing by illness or injury, or other unforeseen cause, shall have entry fees returned in full as long as at least 36 hours notice is given. No refund is due if withdraw al is within 36 hours of the start of the tournament. Withdrawal during the Tournament must be notified to the Referee and tournament officials.

Requests to withdraw from singles events due to fitness issues but to remain in doubles will not be accepted. If a player is not fit enough to play the singles event they have entered then they must withdraw from the entire tournament.


The tournament will be run in accordance with the Tournament Regulations of BADMINTON England.

Competitors must report to the Tournament Secretary/Officials immediately upon arrival for registration. Time is very tight to complete this tournament in the court time we have available and will require quick turnarounds and efficiency.

Players must not leave the hall without an official’s permission until eliminated from all events entered. Please listen carefully to announcements made during the competition so that you are ready to move on court without delay.

Clothing must be acceptable badminton/sports clothing. All footwear worn must have non-marking soles. Leisure wear items (e.g. casual shorts, cropped trousers, leggings) are not acceptable in tournaments and may result in a decision to refuse per mission to compete. This decision will be at the discretion of the Referee.

Isle of Man Badminton Association requires all players and attendees at their Tournaments to agree to abide by BADMINTON England policies and codes of conduct, and as such fully recognise and adhere to the principles of the BADMINTON England Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy (see BADMINTON England website).

The Referee reserves the right to penalise/exclude players for poor behaviour/ bad language.

Isle of Man Badminton expects all players to compete in a fair and proper manner. Any disputes over line calls/scoring etc that cannot be resolved between players should be referred immediately to the court manager (if appropriate) or to the Referee. Any claims regarding unfair play cannot be investigated if they are made after the match has concluded.


Anyone wishing to photograph or video at a tournament must register their intention to do so with the Tournament officials on the day before the tournament commences and sign the appropriate paperwork. Players (or their guardians) will be given the opportunity to withhold their permission to be photographed by informing a tournament official on arrival.

We will have to have absolute minimal rest periods between games played to achieve all the matches. Normal order of play is expected to be boys/girls singles events followed by level doubles and
then mixed doubles.

Prizes are awarded to each player reaching the finals of their event. Perpetual trophies are awarded to the winners of each event and trophies will be engraved by the Association. All trophies must be signed for following presentation to ensure a receipt record is maintained and trophies can be located for the following season’s presentation. The personal data that is provided will only be held for the purpose of the event and will not be shared with 3rd parties. This information will be stored in a secure environment and destroyed after the event.